Drilling is basically a name given to the method used to drill holes on the ground for various reasons.

There are five types of drilling. These; water drilling, basic drilling, energy drilling, oil drilling, mine drilling. The water or mine that we want to extract from the underground to the earth is removed by applying a drilling operation regardless.

With the methods that are getting easier every day, drilling is planned by looking at which type of ground to be processed with the ground survey report. The ground survey report will determine whether to drill wells on rock or more fluid ground.

If you have an idea of ​​how to drill a well to open a water well, a well will be opened with one of the systems called air or mud circulation system according to the geology of the ground. The cost of water well will arise depending on these methods and the drilling material to be used and the depth. After the method to be applied, what are the drilling equipment will be determined and the process will be started.